Drawing On Decades Of Experience To Protect Your Wishes

Take Care Of Your Family Long Term

A lot of people have the wrong idea about estate planning. It’s uncomfortable to talk about, and they think of it as an uncomfortable chore. However, the right mindset for moving to craft a will or a trust for your family is looking to the future and helping them when they most need it.

At Welter Law Office, founding attorney Denise Welter is a compassionate, thorough attorney who works to secure the legacies of people in Wesley Chapel and across Florida. Wills and trusts are cornerstones of any estate plan, but the goal of your estate plan will always be the same: show your loved ones how much you care for them.

The Difference Between A Will And A Trust

A will is a document that describes how you want your assets distributed to your heirs. It’s often the first piece of an estate plan that anyone settles. A trust is a bit more complex: it is a legal entity where you can move assets and give directions for their use by the trust’s beneficiaries.

There are several types of trust:

  • Spendthrift trusts: Trusts designed to have strict rules over how the assets are used.
  • Revocable living trusts: Trusts crafted in a way that the grantor – the person creating it – can change or dissolve it at any time.
  • Irrevocable trusts: Trusts that cannot be dissolved or changed once created.
  • Special needs trusts: Trusts created to provide for people with disabilities so that they do not lose access to their necessary government benefits.

A will and a trust can work together in any estate plan. They are complimentary documents that you can and should consider using, and they will vastly simplify your family’s struggles with the probate process.

The Time To Start Is Now

If you haven’t spoken to a lawyer about an estate plan, you probably should. The moment to craft one is not when you’ve had a life change, such as a child or a marriage. It is right now.

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