Drawing On Decades Of Experience To Protect Your Wishes

What Is Probate?

Probate is the process that describes how the state of Florida resolves all of the outstanding issues in a person’s life after they’ve passed. It is a complex, frustrating area of the law, but with guidance and experience on your side, it is one you can move through with confidence.

At Welter Law Office, attorney Denise Welter uses the lessons and insights she’s gained in over 20 years of experience as an estate planning lawyer to help her clients. She’s built a reputation for care, consistency and compassion across Wesley Chapel and throughout Florida. Her work enables our firm to be present and capable for our clients.

How Wills And Trusts Interact With The Probate Process

Wills and trusts – both being key to any estate plan – are also inevitably a part of probate. However, that piece will be vastly different for each of them. For example, one of probate’s primary duties is to verify the accuracy and legality of a will. It can be somewhat routine, but this is also the moment when most probate disputes happen.

A trust’s interaction with probate is a bit less complicated. If all things go well, a trust can completely bypass the rigors of probate. Trust assets are not the possessions of the decedent and therefore no longer part of the estate. However, once again, a trust can end up a matter in the probate court if there is a dispute.

An Experienced Guide For Probate

Attorney Denise Welter is experienced in all aspects of probate and can help you craft an estate plan that avoids probate as much as possible. She can also serve as your representative in a probate matter, moving with confidence and intelligence to resolve the issues there. Probate is one of the most stressful pieces of the law you can experience. But you do not have to do it alone.

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